And another one's gone. 

That second one being the now-former provincial NDP candidate Mark Jeworski who had been running in the riding of Weyburn-Big Muddy against incumbent Dustin Duncan.

Mark Jeworski - post

This Facebook post shows a comment Jeworski left about Brad Wall's mother. (Facebook screenshot)

The New Democrats said Jeworski handed in his resignation Friday morning at 6 a.m. CST for personal reasons. He said he felt he wasn't ready to run for elected office and that the party agreed with him, a spokesperson for the NDP said.

Jeworski has also made several questionable and controversial social media posts and comments over the last year. 

Those posts include comments about his belief that uranium should not be mined and instead kept in the ground, his insistence that spent uranium rods should be stored at Brad Wall's house, his belief that Brad Wall's mother should have taken an abortion pill and his notion that the media blindly supports Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party.

The Facebook comments were made on Dec. 17, 2014, last year on Aug. 8 and last year on Oct. 2.

'A comment like that is not appropriate.'

When asked about Jeworski and his comments during a media scrum Friday in Saskatoon, NDP leader Cam Broten said, "This candidate stepped down. He's off the team. He did so for personal reasons."

Regarding the comment about Wall's mother, Broten said, "A comment like that is not appropriate."

Jeworski is the second NDP candidate in as many days to no longer be running for the NDP. Yesterday, Broten dismissed former Saskatoon-Northwest candidate Clayton Wilson over sexist comments made on Facebook.

Broten also added, "I don't think anyone wants this campaign to spiral down into a thing where it's trolling of Facebook and Twitter accounts and finding every example of a bad joke about an off-colour statement."

"But in the case of [Clayton Wilson], I have a zero tolerance for violence against women," he said.

When asked how his party vets candidates, Broten said "the campaigns do the campaigns in terms of the work required in the lead-up."