If you need medical care in Maple Creek, Sask., you won't be getting it at the hospital anymore. 

The Health Region was forced to move out of the old building in a hurry after it couldn't keep up with roof leaks and water damage.

Maple Creek hospital

Sign at entrance of Maple Creek, Sask. hospital. (SaskEnergy)

For now, most of the hospital services have moved to other businesses in town. Emergency and ambulances will be based at the TransGas building.

Maple Creek Hospital

Emergency and ambulances in Maple Creek will be based at the TransGas building. (SaskEnergy)

Tim McMillan, minister responsible for SaskEnergy, said these unorthodox accommodations are all temporary.

"One of the nurses at the hospital, her husband worked for SaskEnergy,"  McMillan said, "When he heard that there was a challenge for the Health Region, he immediately thought of how SaskEnergy could step up and potentially play a role here."

A new health care facility is expected to be ready in Maple Creek this fall.

"I think it's a uniquely Saskatchewan story — the kind of thing where communities come together," McMillan said. "Where there's a challenge people want to step up and help. And the nurse and the SaskEnergy employee together thought this was good for their town and ultimately it is."

The following locations are being used to provide programs and services:

  • TransGas building (728 Pacific Ave.): Starting on Wednesday at 7 p.m. CST, this location will provide Emergency Outpatient Services, Ambulatory Care, Lab and X-ray, Observation Beds, and Ambulance Services.
  • Old Royal Bank building (202 Maple St.): Primary Health Care Clinic will be available here. Patients will be seen on a walk-in basis.
  • Cypress Lodge Nursing Home (Highway 21 South): Home Care will be available in the front offices. Public Health Nursing will be available in the south solarium area. Therapies will be available in the south wing.

People needing Community Health services, such as mental health, addictions, and dietitian are asked to contact their health provider to determine a location to meet.