The west side of Maple Creek received the worst of the flooding in last spring's unprecedented flood. ((Saskatchewan Watershed Authority))

The Saskatchewan government says it will pay for berms to protect flood-battered Maple Creek from future water damage.

The town in the province's southwest experienced a once-in-3,000-years flood last June after a storm dropped 100 millimetres of rain at a time when the ground was already saturated.

By the time the storm was over, about a third of the town of 2,200 people was under water, with the west side seeing the most damage. Maple Creek was declared a disaster area and hundreds of people applied for assistance.

A report, written by Water Resource Consultants Ltd. for the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority, recommended building permanent dikes, with walls two metres high, to protect the town against future floods.

On Wednesday, the province said it will provide the lion's share of the money for such a project, although the province calls them berms, rather than dikes.

The Watershed Authority will cover the cost of an engineering firm to design berms and has committed to cover 75 per cent of the construction costs, the province said in a news release.

The release didn't say how much the berms will cost, but said the money will come out of a $22-million emergency flood damage reduction program announced earlier this month.