Hundreds of students contacted by the University of Saskatchewan about getting a test for tuberculosis, after a potential contact with an infected student, have not followed up, officials say.

According to the Saskatoon health region, only 244 students showed up for TB tests, out of the 589 who were contacted.

A temporary clinic was set up on campus to perform the test.

There were no cases of tuberculosis found, although some students had what is known as a latent form of the respiratory ailment.

A spokesman for the university, David Hannah, said the school may try to reach the untested students through a newspaper ad and posters.

"We'll be using some publicity, perhaps some posters, perhaps a notice in the Sheaf as well," Hannah said.

The student who was originally diagnosed with TB was in three classes where potential transmission could have occurred.

More tests, including follow up tests for those already checked, were set for early January.

Hannah said the initial call out to students took place at a busy time.

"It was difficult because it was right at the end of the term, students were thinking about their examinations, some of them might not have been paying much attention to these communications," he said.

The second test, for those already checked, is necessary to confirm that people are not carriers of TB.