Manitoba RM wants to join Saskatchewan

A councillor from a rural municipality in Manitoba — south of Brandon — wants his community to become a part of Saskatchewan.
A council member from the RM of Glenwood, well within Manitoba's borders, wants to join Saskatchewan. (CBC)

A councillor from a rural municipality in Manitoba — south of Brandon — wants his community to become a part of Saskatchewan.

Walter Finley says the RM of Glenwood is unhappy with the Manitoba government, especially a new policy that would merge small RMs.

Finley said he believes people of his RM would be better off with Saskatchewan.

"When you figure in the difference in the tax rates, the PST is going up, etc., etc. — people are just getting really fed up with being ignored by Winnipeg," Finlay said Wednesday.

He said his RM has a lot in common with Saskatchewan.

"We have potash on the western part of the province," Finley said, adding he believes Manitoba's government has not shown an interest in developing that resource.

According to Finley, the Manitoba government's plan to save money by amalgamating municipalities with fewer than 1,000 residents would not benefit his RM because their administration costs are already low.

Premier Wall says football loyalties would have to change

News that an RM wanted to secede from Manitoba was put to Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, who said Wednesday it was an interesting idea, but added there would be a catch.

"Here's the big one — they're going to have to decide on whether or not they're prepared to change football teams," Wall said. "They're going to have to give a pledge of allegiance, if they were come, to a big green flag with a white 'S' on it and maybe they're not that interested in that."

With files from The Canadian Press