City council in Regina will not have the final say on who builds a new $278-million football stadium, following a decision Wednesday.

At a meeting of executive committee, involving all council members, it was decided to leave the choice of a contractor in the hands of city administration.

There are three prospective stadium-builders who have advanced to a short list.

The bidders will submit proposals for a final design and managers will choose which one to build.

"Because of the magnitude of the project you want to have politics taken out of it," Michael Fougere, the mayor of Regina said. "You have the criteria set out completely and we've already approved that, so that makes the judgment quite clear."

According to Fougere it is normal practice at city hall for administrators, and not council, to decide on which contract proposals are chosen for major projects.

Two council members, Bob Hawkins and Barbara Young, tried — and failed — to convince their colleagues to leave the final say on the project with city council.