Brandon Carelse, the Humboldt, Sask., man on trial for attempted murder, is admitting he stabbed his now ex-wife in order to scare her.

The Crown prosecutor on the case, Paul Goldstein, said the woman suffered multiple stab wounds.

"Brandon Carelse is charged with attempting to murder his now ex-wife, Elvircia, by stabbing her, we estimate, between 29 and 40 times," Goldstein said.

The woman survived the attack.

Carelse testified Thursday and admitted to having a bad temper.

When asked what he was thinking while stabbing his wife, he said: "I see nothing, I feel nothing, I hear nothing. I am in my own cubicle."

According to Goldstein, the stabbing took place following a discussion that turned into an argument.

"And he started beating her," Goldstein said. "[He] went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and in front of one of the children, started stabbing her."

The couple had moved to Humboldt from South Africa, hoping the change would save their marriage.


With files from CBC's Dan Zakreski