A Saskatchewan man who died in a 2004 standoff with police ended up with 16 gunshot wounds, the doctor who did the autopsy says.

Autopsy results were discussed Tuesday at a coroner's inquest in La Ronge into the shooting death of 38-year-old Shawn Martinot.

Police ended a 17-hour standoff with Martinot on Aug. 30, 2004, when they shot and killed him.

Police were called when Martinot walked into the lobby of a La Ronge hotel with a rifle in his hand.

A hotel employee tried to take the gun away, but Martinot returned to his room where he had other weapons.

Police negotiators were called, but failed to convince him to surrender. RCMP even sent a robot and tear gas into his room.

However, Martinot shot and disabled the device.

After that, he came into the hallway where police were waiting. He refused to drop his gun and, according to police, an officer shot him.

The doctor who did the autopsy said he counted 16 gunshot wounds on Martinot, including exit wounds and entry wounds.

The inquest's six-person jury is expected to determine how, when and where Martinot died. The jury will then make recommendations to prevent similar deaths from happening in the future.

The inquest is set to hear from 23 witnesses over three days.