The case of a man who tried to cross the border with a pipe bomb he made in his childhood has ended with the man pleading guilty to a charge of possession of an explosive device.

The pipe bomb was made about 11 years ago and surfaced last August when it was found among the belongings of Derek Joseph Formosa, 21.

Formosa, who is from Ontario, had the device with him Aug. 4 when he was driving into Saskatchewan from the US at North Portal, Sask.

At the time police said they did not think Formosa meant to do any harm with the device.

During court proceedings in Estevan, Sask., last week, a judge learned that Formosa put the pipe bomb together when he was 10. It wasn't immediately clear why the man hung onto it or why he was travelling around with it.

But it was with him during his border crossing leading to the possession charge.

He was given a conditional sentence and ordered to perform some community service. He is also prohibited from possessing weapons for one year.

The device was safely disposed of by authorities.

While authorities also contemplated a charge of making an explosive device, once they were satisfied that Formosa was under the age of 12 when he made it, they determined it was not possible to lay a charge. Children under 12 can not be charged with Criminal Code offences.