A 47-year-old man from Nova Scotia was trapped underground Saturday morning at the Roy Lloyd mine site northeast of La Ronge, Sask. 

RCMP and EMS responded to the call shortly after 9 a.m CST Saturday. 

RCMP say the man was trapped for about an hour and a half, until a crew rescued him. There's no official word on how he became trapped, but La Ronge RCMP say there is speculation that his feet were stuck in a 'mucky' substance after the ground shifted.

The man was reportedly air-lifted to La Ronge's hospital, which is about 100 kilometres away from the mine site.

RCMP say his injuries are not serious.

"He apparently, once he was freed, [he] basically walked out of the site to a waiting ambulance," La Ronge RCMP's Sergeant​ Dahlton Marciniak said.

RCMP say investigators from the mining company are on their way from Burnaby, B.C. as well as ones from Saskatchewan Health and Safety.

The Roy Lloyd mine site is also referred to as the Bingo mine.