The City of Saskatoon says it's reviewing the complaint of a local man who says city buses should not display "Merry Christmas" messages.

Ashu Solo said he knows of at least two buses that were flashing the message on their illuminated displays.

"It is extremely inappropriate and extremely discriminatory to have a Christmas message displayed by Saskatoon Transit, which is owned by the City of Saskatoon and funded by taxpayers," Ashu Solo said in his letter to the city.

"You're free to put "Merry Christmas" bumper stickers on your personal vehicles, but you're not free to put "Merry Christmas" signs on Saskatoon Transit buses or other City of Saskatoon vehicles."

City manager Murray Totland confirmed receipt of the letter and said while the city solicitor is looking at it, no decision has been made yet.

"We have received a complaint and are reviewing it," Totland said in an email to CBC News. "To be clear, transit was not instructed to change the message as has been reported."

Later, Totland told reporters that citizens have been phoning the city, insisting that the "Merry Christmas" messages stay.

"We've been fielding a number of calls," he said. "I think city councillors are certainly hearing from the public on this. And I'm positive councillors will take that into consideration when they have a discussion."

Solo is the same man who complained about a Christian prayer said by a city councillor at a city-sanctioned volunteer banquet. He has filed a complaint with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission.