Police continue to investigate after a man was shot in North Central Friday night. The victim is in stable condition. (Joana Draghici/CBC)

Regina police are investigating after a shooting in the city's North Central neighbourhood has put a man in hospital in serious condition.  

Officers responded to the area of 4th Avenue and Athol Street at about 8 p.m. Friday after reports came in that a man had been shot. 

Police found a man in his 20's near the alley at the intersection suffering from a gunshot wound.

He was rushed to hospital by paramedics where he remains in serious, but stable condition. 

A few neighbours saw the man after it happened. 

"He looked like he was hurt but he was still standing with some other people. Then my other granddaughter said he got shot. Then he walked this way and the woman with him was on the phone," said Barbara Hoostie, who lives in the neighbourhood. 

Another neighbour, Kenton Desjarlais said the man fell over before police arrived.

"He come limping, I mean staggering from this - I think he got shot in the alley and then he come walking -- there's a blood trail right from the alley to the sidewalk here and then he fell over right there," he said

Officers said the man's condition had improved enough by Saturday afternoon that investigators were able to begin interviewing him about the shooting.