A man from small-town Saskatchewan is a billionaire and has made the list of the world's richest people, a U.S. business magazine says.

In fact, Calvin Ayre is the cover boy this week in Forbes magazine's annual survey of the world's richest people.

The magazine said Ayre, 44, is the world's 746th richest person and is worth $1 billion US. Microsoft's Bill Gates, who's worth $50 billion US, is No. 1.

Forbes said Ayre is from Lloydminster, Sask., but he has also been quoted saying he's actually from Lashburn, about 30 kilometres east of the city.

The article says Ayre, the son of grain and pig farmers, made his billion as a "cyber bookie," taking sports bets over the internet.

His company, Bodog Entertainment Group, took in $7.3 billion US in bets last year, the article said.

The article says Ayre got his start in gambling as a hockey-playing youngster, playing blackjack for pennies on the team bus. He now lives in Costa Rica.

The Forbes article also quotes a U.S. Justice Department official who says online gambling is illegal.

Meanwhile, Ayre isn't the only Saskatchewan-born person on the Forbes list. B.C. businessman Jim Pattison, who was born in Luseland in 1928, comes in at 194th place. He's worth $3.5 billion US, the magazine said.