A man who had been walking on the side of Highway 1 Thursday night after his car slipped off the road has died after being hit by a semi-trailer, the RCMP say.

The accident happened just before 9 p.m. on a stretch of highway near Parkbeg, Sask., about 130 kilometres west of Regina.

Police said two men were travelling from Calgary when the driver lost control of the vehicle and became stuck in a ditch.

The pair decided to leave the vehicle and walk to Parkbeg for help.

On their way, one of the men fell on the highway and became unconscious.

According to police, a semi was coming over a small rise in the road, in the direction of the unconscious man, and — when the danger was spotted — was unable to stop in time.

The man was struck and died at the scene.

He was identified by RCMP as Hugh Leslie Deiter, of Calgary.

RCMP were still investigating but say foul play is not suspected.