A Saskatoon man who pleaded guilty to manslaughter last fall will be sentenced Tuesday morning.

Arnold Halkett killed Nicholaas Smith in the summer of 2012 in a drug deal gone bad.

One of the factors the judge is considering in Halkett's sentence is his family history.

Halkett told CBC News he doesn't remember much about the night of the killing, but he knew the next morning something really bad had happened.

"I remember wrestling and fighting with somebody," he said. "That's when I realized, how come I don't have any marks on me, I was thinking how come I'm not all marked up."

When Halkett had stabbed Smith to death, he had already racked up 106 convictions.

He grew up in foster care and went to a residential school — the judge will take these factors into account when deciding on a sentence.

Halkett said he's not sure if his troubled childhood led him to kill Smith that night — he knows not all residential school and foster care survivors ended up taking someone's life.

"I can't judge what happened to them and what their experience was," he said. "Maybe they had a good experience, maybe it was good for them, maybe it opened their eyes more, I don't know. Different things happen."

The Crown is asking for a 15 year sentence, the defense is asking that Halkett gets 10 years in prison.