Man accused of nude romp appears in court

A man accused of running naked through parts of Regina's downtown, including making his way to the mayor's office, appeared in provincial court.

A man accused of running naked through parts of Regina's downtown, including making his way to the mayor's office, was in provincial court to face a number of charges.

Brendan William Cross, 34, appeared somewhat confused in court Wednesday.

At one point during the brief proceedings, an angry-sounding Cross told the court that he hadn't been charged and said he had not been read his rights.

Cross was behind reinforced glass in the prisoner's area of court, wearing a white robe with a pattern of dots.

The matter was adjourned and Cross — who did not have a lawyer — was ordered to remain in custody until his next appearance, set for Friday.

According to police, a man showed up nude or partially nude in three Regina locations Tuesday morning.

They said a man entered a home on the edge of downtown Regina, a gym about one block south of city hall, and the city offices.

Cross faces several charges, including one count of uttering a threat and two counts of assault.

He is also charged under the disorderly conduct section of the Criminal Code for allegedly performing an indecent act. Police also laid a charge of unlawful entry into a home.

Subdued at city hall

Shortly after 10 a.m. CT Tuesday a man made his way to the 15th floor of the city building where he was subdued and restrained by a security guard and two bylaw enforcement officers.

Police said they were able to arrest him without any problems.

While the man had made his way to Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco's office, the mayor was not in at the time.

A spokesman for Fiacco told reporters that the man appeared distressed.

Friends of Cross were at the court proceedings Wednesday.

Some of them told reporters that Cross suffers from a mental disorder and had been experiencing problems recently, because of his condition.

"I don't think he has any ideas about what has happened or what's gone on in the last few days," Dawn Buchanan said.

Former politician

Cross is known in Saskatchewan as the founder of a short-lived political party and for some previous encounters with the law.

Cross started the First Nations Party in April 2000. It folded the next year.

In October 2000, Cross was in the news after confronting federal politician Stockwell Day, then the leader of the Canadian Alliance party.

In Moose Jaw, Cross asked Day a question about aboriginal policies. Then Cross took out a lighter and tried to set an Alliance policy document on fire. Day grabbed the document, put the fire out, and continued on with his speech.

Previous convictions

In 2002, Cross, 26 at the time, was sentenced to three months in jail and two years of probation after pleading guilty to sex-related charges.

According to information provided to court, a young woman had encountered Cross on the street, where he was naked. He was also engaged in a sexual act. The episode ended when he got into a car and drove away.

In sentencing Cross, it was noted that he had a prior conviction for indecent exposure, in 1997.