People using Google to get to SARCAN's website got a surprise Thursday — the recycler was offline thanks to a malware problem.

A day earlier, some people who tried to visit the site through the search engine found themselves involuntarily downloading a program that purported to be anti-virus software.

In fact, the software was malicious. SARCAN said the problem stemmed from a blog.

On Thursday morning, Google classified the Sarcan page as "suspicious" and anyone attempting to reach it after Googling the name got the following message: "Warning — Visiting this web site may harm your computer".

People trying to visit the site were able to do so successfully if they visited the site directly.

SARCAN, which has 71 recycling centres in Saskatchewan, said later in the day it had fixed the problem and was waiting for Google to reset.

"Hopefully we'll be back up soon," SARCAN said on its Twitter page.