The City of Saskatoon is launching a major traffic survey taking a close look at how people get to work in the morning.

The City's Administration and Finance Committee okayed the survey that will be conducted on 3500 random households.

The information will be used to plan things like new roads and new transit routes.

Right now, the city tracks traffic through car use, but administration says the study will broaden that.

"The city is moving towards moving people as opposed to just moving vehicles," said Angela Gardiner, manager of the Transportation Branch. "Right now, a lot of people use their private vehicle to get around the city, and what we're wanting to do is capture a better (idea of) how people are moving around the city."

The study will also be extended to people in Martensville and Warman as many people from those communities commute into Saskatoon for work.

The surveys should start this fall, with results coming in some time in 2014.