A Regina letter carrier, charged with stealing from the mail system, appeared in court on Tuesday.

"I'd just like to say that I'm sorry to Canada Post, my co-workers, the customers and all the people that I hurt...my families and friends. I just wish it'd be over, I'm extremely sorry," Bill Bell says.

Canada Post employees say Bell is charged with stealing cash from envelopes that were sent through the mail, but police won't confirm that and say it's still before the courts.

"The charges result from an incident that occurred Dec. 10 which involved theft of mail and possession of mail," a police spokeperson says.

Police are saying that the alleged theft is less than $5,000.

A few weeks before charges were liad against Bell, another Regina Canada Post inside worker was charged with mail theft. Canada Post says the two charges are not related and that employees committing mail theft is rare. Just one or two cases a year across the country.

I don't think we've had very many this past year..it's just that in your case there happen to be two in a very short period of time...and that's embarassing," a Canada Post spokesperson.

Canada Post says the public needn't worry about mail theft because its security is better than ever, especially since Sept 11. It also advises people not to send cash through the mail.

Bill Bell did not enter a plea and is expected back in court next month.