A landmark court decision dealing with who should be considered an Indian, under the Constitution, has led to a flood of calls to the Métis Nation - Saskatchewan.

The ruling, from the Federal Court, could open the door for Métis to access programs in support of rights to such things as health care and education.

Robert Doucette is President of the Métis Nation - Saskatchewan.

"The phone has been ringing off the hook," Doucette said. "We are probably going to have to get a separate line from the registry, because it plugs up our front phone."

The impact of the ruling has yet to be clearly determined.

Doucette said he welcomes people who are looking into their Métis heritage.

"I'm just pleased that people are showing an interest, a renewed sense of pride and are willing to take that step forward and join the Nation," he said.

He added he is hopeful the judge's ruling will not be appealed by the federal government.