A Lululemon pop-up store has been added to the downtown plaza space in Regina. (CBC)

Some vendors at the Farmers' Market in Regina are wondering why a Lululemon clothing store has been added to the downtown square where vegetable stands and homemade wares are sold Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Lululemon, which specializes in yoga-wear, has set up a temporary shop, called a pop-up store, in the Farmers' Market on the downtown City Square Plaza.

It will operate three days per week, from Thursday to Saturday, overlapping with the Saturday Farmers' Market day.

"If you're a Regina public member coming through here, you'd be wondering why is a corporation in the Farmers' Market, which is supposed to be local," Ada Bennett, the manager of the market, told CBC News Wednesday. "We get concerned about how does that appear to the outside public. Are they wondering if maybe we've been given money that they'd be here. Of course we have not."

Bennett said vendors would like to have a veto on who can set up on the space, on Farmers' Market days.