There's some good news for a little girl whose playhouse was destroyed by a suspected tornado earlier this week.

Her dad has told Isabelle, 3, he's going to rebuild.

"It won't be 100 per cent, but we'll fix it up as best as we can," Neil Webster said.

On Monday, the Webster family was away from their home a few kilometres south of Regina when stormy weather struck.

They returned to find that their property was hardly touched, with the exception of Isabelle's playhouse.

"Something touched down and picked it up and threw it 40 to 50 feet across the yard," he said.

'She said, I'm mad, somebody broke my house.' —Neil Webster describes daughter's reaction

The playhouse was smashed to pieces.

Webster said he's convinced it was a tornado, because nothing else in his yard was damaged.

Webster's wife, Elizabeth, snapped a picture of a glum-looking Isabelle surveying the wreckage.

"She said, 'I'm mad, somebody broke my house,'" he said. "I told her the wind broke her house."

Webster said he's collecting the pieces and will get to work soon.

Environment Canada confirmed that Saskatchewan saw at least four tornadoes on Monday, and possibly as many as seven.