The government agency that oversees fairness for residential tenancies in Saskatchewan is OK with landlords maintaining a list, among themselves, of good and not-so-good tenants.

The list, created by the Saskatchewan Rental Housing Industry Association, is shared among members using an online database.

Della Thomas, a property manager in Regina, told CBC News the list — which is not new — protects landlords.

"A tenant has either done a lot of damage in a suite or property that he lived in, or he has not paid his rent," Thomas explained.

Alaina Harrison, from the Carmichael Outreach centre in Regina, said a list that could limit housing options should have mechanisms to allow people to clear their names.

If restitution is paid, for example, the person should be listed as a good tenant.

"Monitor it ... and make sure it's done in a fair fashion," Harrison said.

Saskatchewan's Office of Residential Tenancies told CBC News that landlords have been sharing information about tenants for years and the office has never received a complaint about it from renters.