The Saskatoon Sirens play the BC Angels in a Lingerie Football League game on Saturday. (Dan Kerslake/CBC)

Members of the Saskatoon Sirens, a team in the new Lingerie Football League, say people should watch them play before commenting on their uniforms, which are essentially matching items of underwear.

"I don't think the uniforms have anything to do with the sport," Candace Friesen, one of the players, said Thursday during a media event. "As people watch our games and  follow the league, they'll realize that it has a lot more to do with the physical aspect of it then the actual uniforms."

The Saskatoon team plays Saturday night against the BC Angels.

"Come out and watch us play," Carrie Britton said. "It's like anything new. If you don't come out and watch it, you'll never know whether you like it or not."

Regina also has a squad in the league and recently played BC. The BC team won the game, 41 - 18.