A woman trying out for a spot with the Saskatoon Sirens of the Lingerie Football League says the sport, which features scantily clad women, may pave the way to allowing strip acts in bars.

"[I'm] not saying I want to be naked all the time," Trish Charko, one of 12 women seeking to join the LFL, told CBC News. "I just want the people to do what you want."

Charko said Saskatchewan should change legislation which currently bans serving alcohol at any show that features nudity or leads to nudity.

"Don't tell someone you can't do something cause it'll make them want to do it even more," Charko observed

She said the LFL could be a stepping stone to less-stringent liquor laws.

More tryouts are planned for the Saskatoon franchise as the club has not yet found enough participants to field a team. They need 20.

Lindsay Berger, another hopeful for the Sirens, said she was most keen on the sporting element of the league.

"I love football," Berger said, adding that the type of clothing the players wear was fine with her. "Being in your underwear is kind of awesome."