A flash of lightning killed more than a dozen prized cattle earlier this week, their owners say.

It happened near Carnduff in the southeast corner of the province early Sunday morning, cattle producer Vicky Hamilton said.

She said it was storming out that night when she and her husband Gord turned in.

"There was sheet lightning," she said. "We didn't think too much of it."

The next morning, Gord found the cattle in a bluff near their home.

"It was a pretty sickening feeling," she said.

Dead was a bull, calf and cows of the Tarentaise breed, 13 in all.

"It looked like they were all around in a circle," she said. "It hit one of them and it looked like it travelled along and got them all."

Insurance will cover part of their losses, but not all, Hamilton said. Tarentaise calves can sell for around $1,500 each, she noted.

"We're going to be out some money," she said.