Some Regina landlords who have had bad tenants are telling city hall it's renters that need to be licensed, not rental properties.

A Regina community group has said it wants rental houses to be inspected and licensed before they're put on the market. More protection is needed so families don't get stuck in slum housing, the North Central Community Association says.

But Jason Hall, a Regina landlord and the president of a property owners association, said the proposal to regulate rental properties will not solve any problems with substandard housing.

If authorities really want to improve housing conditions, they should go after tenants, not landlords, Hall said.

"The tenant, at the end of the day, is the person who's putting the foot through the wall, the foot through the door, leaving trash in the yard, leaving contents behind and lighting houses on fire," he said.

"It's the tenant that's causing destruction who will have a hard time renewing his licence."

If renters were licensed, the city could keep track of who is doing damage and hold them accountable, Hall said.

"That tenant would not be allowed to rent any house or apartment in the city of Regina until he paid restitution," he said.

The way things are now, bad tenants can wreck properties with virtually no consequences and that is what is leading to poor quality housing, Hall said.

The community association and the landlords group made presentations Wednesday at the city's executive committee meeting.