The Meadow Lake library says it can't afford a major bill coming from the Saskatchewan government.

In December, the library was told it would have to pay close to $500 a month to use the provincial government's mail service. It was also invoiced retroactively for October and November.

Libraries use the service to move books back and forth from different branches.

Meadow Lake had been paying only around $35 per month before it got a letter about the change.

"We were very disturbed by that," Meadow Lake librarian Tara Million said. "That would take a huge chunk out of our operating budget. Even just to pay the two invoices would come to almost $1,000."

The Government Services Ministry, which is in charge of the provincial mail program, said it's looking into the concerns raised by the Meadow Lake library.

In the meantime, the library has cancelled its contract with government mail services and is looking at other ways to send out books.