The Saskatchewan Liberal Party unveiled its campaign platform on Tuesday. (CBC)

The Saskatchewan Liberals have unveiled an election platform that includes eliminating the provincial debt, cutting the sales tax to three per cent, and creating a fund to pay for future projects.

Currently, the PST is five per cent.

One way it would pay for those promises is with a 10-per-cent cut in government spending — about $830 million.

In a news release, Liberal Leader Ryan Bater said government spending has increased 31 per cent since the Saskatchewan Party took power in 2007.

"The fact that the provincial government has been seriously considering spending $430 million of taxpayer dollars on a domed stadium shows just how out of touch they are with what is happening outside the big cities," Bater said.

Bater also criticized the NDP for what he said was doing a "copy and paste" of one of his ideas — a long-term savings and investment account that could benefit Saskatchewan residents decades in the future.

Bater is running in The Battlefords, but the party is not expected to field a full slate of 58 candidates.The provincial Liberals haven't elected any MLAs since 1999.