For some kids, certain words aren't always easy to pronounce — but one Saskatchewan summer camp wants to help.

The Regina Speech Centre is offering an "Everything R" camp this summer, for children who have trouble pronouncing the letter "r."

"It is a tricky sound. It's very hard for some of our kids to produce," said Nichole Forbes, a speech language therapist and co-owner of the Regina Speech Centre.

Running twice a week for six weeks, the camp assesses what children worked on during the previous school year. Campers play a variety of games which incorporate the letter "r."

Speech Centre

The Regina Speech Centre greets children and families with a colourful mural painted by Nichole Forbes. (Angyl Ravyn Photography)

The private-practice speech and language therapy clinic opened its doors on April 1 and offers therapy services to children and families.

"Every service we offer here, our motto behind it and now our philosophy is to enhance public services. We're not there to replace," she said.

Forbes said some of her clients look to private speech centres like hers since the government made cuts to education.

Regina Public Schools said it supports the camp.

"Any work towards building that oral language, particularly for any literacy or numeracy skill, is foundational to develop students' skills," said Renee Stephan, supervisor of intensive supports at Regina Public Schools.

Forbes said children with a speech impediment can sometimes face bullying and "ruthless" abuse from their peers, but the camp offers a very different experience for them.

"[The kids] are encouraging each other. They see that they're not alone," said Forbes. "They're together, and they're building each other up, which is really important."