A portion of the Legion Hall in Regina will become a parking structure. (CBC)

A transformation of the oldest legion in Canada, into a heritage site with an attached parkade, is disappointing to some veterans.

The Royal Canadian Legion Hall, in Regina, is planning to preserve its facade as well as a portion of the actual building.

The site, in downtown Regina, will become a museum and will retain its designation as a heritage site.

However, the back portion of the building will be converted into parking.

"In your own heart it hurts to see this," Harold Hague, a member of the legion for 65 years, told CBC News Monday. "You go up there and you see this beautiful hall as it was. You think: we're going to lose this."

Hague noted that membership in the legion has been declining.

The conversion to parking space was expected to help the legion meet its financial needs.

Hague added the building needs a lot of work.

"It's deteriorated to the point where it's not up to scratch," he said. "It'll cost millions to fix it."

Hague said he is saddened the legion will lose part of its history.