Many high school students are too young to vote in the upcoming provincial election, but that hasn't stopped teachers at LeBoldus High School from encouraging them to get politically involved. 

The Regina school hosted an election debate today, where students were able to pose questions to candidates.

Representatives from the Saskatchewan Party, NDP, Green Party and the Liberals participated in the forum. 

Questions covered such varied topics as climate change, senior care, post-secondary tuition and pension plans.


LeBoldus High School facilitated candidate debate to promote political involvement for young people. (Dean Gutheil )

Louise Castillo, who's 17 but turns 18 before the April 4 election, thinks that this debate is a great way to promote political awareness among young people. 

"I think it's very helpful especially since I know a lot of young people aren't really educated about the provincial election," Castillo said. 

Kylie Janiskevich will not be old enough to vote in this election, but she said that this debate made her want to become more aware. 

"Usually I'm not very interested in politics, but it actually opened my eyes an awful lot on what is going around in Saskatchewan," she said.