Last debate for Sask. NDP leadership candidates

Saskatchewan New Democratic Party candidates made their final pitches for party leadership on Saturday in a debate held in Saskatoon.
Saskatchewan NDP leadership candidates at the final debate before one is chosing for the job. (CBC)

Saskatchewan New Democratic Party candidates made their final pitches for party leadership on Saturday in a debate held in Saskatoon.

Cam Broten, Ryan Meili, Trent Wotherspoon and Erin Weir went head-to-head in the last debate before the party chooses its new leader.

Charles Smith, a political science professor and the debate moderator, said it will be an uphill battle for whoever is elected NDP leader.

Currently the NDP holds just nine of 58 seats in the Legislative Assembly, the rest are held by the Saskatchewan Party.

"Mr. Weir talked about his strengths as an economist, Mr. Meili as a health professional and other two were speaking to their strengths as listening to a broader electorate as sitting MLAs," said Smith.

Broten and Wotherspoon are the only currently elected Members of the Legislative Assembly running for the job.

The Saskatchewan NDP is expected to choose a new leader on March 9.