Lanigan, Sask.


RCMP in Lanigan are investigating a possible hazing incident that happened earlier in September, but there are few details on what may have happened. 

Cst. James Richardson says police have been looking into it for more than a week, and he confirmed there are young people involved in the investigation. 

There is no word yet on whether there have been any arrests or charges. Police are not saying whether there have been any injuries. 

Meanwhile, on the Lanigan Central High School website, an unsigned letter has been written to parents urging them to help eliminate "hazing" and "initiation activities and parties". It refers to school staff being disappointed that students were harmed at a party, and the writer says students deserve support to "move through the effects of this event."

The writer also says RCMP have requested parents to inform them of any concerns about harm to students that "may have occurred at the 'freshie' party".

More information from RCMP is expected in the coming days. 

Lanigan is approximately 125 kilometres east of Saskatoon.