ron crowe naig

Ron Crowe, CEO for the 2014 North American Indigenous Games in Regina, said organizers tried very hard to find qualified officials for swimming events. (CBC)

A shortage of certified officials for swimming competitions has forced organizers of the North American Indigenous Games to drop that sport from the upcoming games.

Qualified officials are needed to oversee swimming races and there were not enough available. The games take place in Regina in July.

"We turned over every rock and exhausted every option in order to find those certified swimming officials," Ron Crowe, CEO of the games, told CBC News. "But unfortunately we've come to that conclusion. And it's time to give our attention to the rest of the sports and activities that will be going on."

There were 182 athletes signed up for swimming. Crowe said organizers are helping them find replacement sports to participate in.

The games are expecting more than 4,600 athletes, coaches and team officials in 14 sports.

The competitions start July 20.