2 people take up La Ronge RCMP on invitation to clear up warrants

RCMP in La Ronge, Sask., are continuing to give people in the community the chance to clear up any warrants after an open invitation was issued Thursday.

184 checks were conducted over 4 different days in March and May

Two new firearms charges were laid in La Ronge during warrant initiatives, RCMP said. (CBC)

RCMP in La Ronge, Sask., are still encouraging anyone in the community who thinks they may have a warrant out for their arrest to go to the detachment and talk it over — though there is no word on police offering rides again.

Police sent out an open invitation on Thursday offering people the chance to go in and clear up any warrants, even going as far as to bring in extra staff. 

Two people took up the RCMP on their invitation and both were released within an hour — with a court date.

The move was part of La Ronge RCMP's initiatives to address serious crimes in the area.

Over four different days in March and May, RCMP executed 36 warrants involving 100 charges.

During two days in March, 110 checks were conducted concerning 20 warrants and 52 charges. Four new charges were laid during that time.

Over another two days in May, another 74 checks were conducted in relation to 16 warrants and 48 outstanding charges.

Those days saw another six charges laid, including two firearms charges.

The RCMP ask that anyone with warrants, or anyone who knows the whereabouts of someone with a warrant, call La Ronge RCMP at 306-425-6730 or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.