Kory Sheets, a running back with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, completed a domestic violence program at his home in Florida. (mugshots.com)

Running back Kory Sheets of the Saskatchewan Roughriders has completed a domestic violence program and is no longer facing charges in Florida, according to the local sheriff's office.

Sheets had been charged with battery domestic violence in January. The charge was dropped in May after he attended a program for domestic violence.

Last week, during training camp sessions with the Roughriders, there was no mention of the matter — which had not been reported by any Saskatchewan news media  — when he was asked about leaving Florida to play football in Regina.

"My girlfriend was like, 'You just can't wait to go up there. You're not going to think about me.' I was like, 'Baby, it's fun up there'," he said at the time.

After a mug-shot of Sheets began circulating online the topic was addressed by the Roughriders on Monday. The club issued a statement to say they were aware of the Florida matters and had been following the developments.

"Kory has taken responsibility and participated and completed a mediation course at which time all charges were dismissed," the team said. "In fairness to everyone involved with this situation, the Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club will have no further comment on this matter."