A windy and cold Saskatchewan day would keep most people indoors, but a growing sport has people excited about staying outside.

Victor Labar, has been kiteboarding for 13 years, and says the sport is growing in the province.

To kiteboard, people use a snowboard or a pair of skis and the wind to propel through a snowy farm field.

"In a three hour session I put on 50 to 100 kilometres," said Labar.  "You can wear out a set of skis or snowboard if you're really going all the time."

When Labar first started there were only a handful of people trying to kiteboard. Now there are up to 60 riders, he said.

Mark Holmstrom, who is relatively new to the sport, said the abundance of open, snowy fields is one of the things that he loves about it.

"It's great to head out a short little ways…you're out on the fields and going, no fuel to burn, it's fantastic actually," said Holmstrom.

Riders need between 15 km/h and 70 km/h winds for a good ride — they can reach speeds about triple that on a board.

Labar suggests those interested in kiteboarding should first get comfortable on a board, then take a lesson using the kite.