Recent chatter on the internet that North Korea wants male university students to adopt the hairstyle of leader Kim Jong-un is quite possibly nonsense, but it got us thinking...

What if all of us were inspired by the haircuts of Saskatchewan's political leaders? Wonder what that would look like?

Well, ponder no longer.

CBC Saskatchewan's haircut widget allows you to add the 'do' of various politicians to your own head, or your friends'.

Up for some fun? Try it out, then share your custom picture on Facebook or send out a tweet!

Pamela Wallin, Brad Wall, Ralph Goodale

Pamela Wallin, Brad Wall, Ralph Goodale are three of the distinctive hairstyles you can try out with CBC's interactive haircut widget. (CP/CBC)

Your choices include the Saskatchewan Party's Wall, Liberal MP Ralph Goodale, former Conservative Senator Pamela Wallin or the NDP's John Nilson.

4 Quick Steps: Let's get started!