The evidence has been presented and now it is up to a jury to decide the fate of 38-year-old Wayne Moshenko.

Moshenko is charged with second degree murder in the death Ricky Bear. He's accused of beating the 36-year-old man to death two years ago.

Bear's body was found southeast of Prince Albert in 2011.

The Crown is arguing that this was not just a fight, but that Moshenko was out to kill.

The defence raised concerns over the testimony given by the only eye witness, who is Bear's nephew, Harley Bear. While Harley Bear said he saw Moshenko strike his uncle, the defence questions if he can be taken at his word.

Bear's story changed more than once and he admitted to lying to police.

In May, Cody Travis Walker, 22, who was originally charged with second degree murder in connection with the death, pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Instructions to the jury will be given on Tuesday.