Val Fiddler, owner of the sheep farm (1/9)

Lorrie Reed in action (2/9)

Sheep in the chute (3/9)

Shades of wool (4/9)

Lambs in the playpen (5/9)

Herding the sheep (6/9)

Nice haircut (7/9)

The wool from one sheep (8/9)

Eric with a lamb (9/9)

Photos by Eric Anderson (CBC)

Val Fiddler's sheep farm south of Webb, Sask., was quite the busy place last week thanks to a sheep-shearing crew that came to visit.

For 26 years, Elrose-area farmer Lorrie Reed has been wrestling sheep and giving them their summer haircuts all across Saskatchewan.

Reed says he will be busy until early May, when he goes back to his farm to seed.

The Morning Edition tracked Reed down near Webb to learn the art of shearing a sheep.

Check out the photo gallery above — complete with audio descriptions from the CBC's Eric Anderson (just click on the captions at the top).

Eric Anderson visits a sheep-shearing

The CBC's Eric Anderson learned the ins and outs of sheep-shearing while at a farm in the Webb district. (CBC)