Regina-based ISC used to be completely owned by the provincial government, but it was partially privatized in 2013.

Seven people have been laid off from Regina-based Information Services Corporation, the formerly government-owned land titles company, CBC News has learned.

However, the layoffs are not a result of last year's privatization, the Saskatchewan government says.

The employees, most of them from ISC's human resources department, lost their jobs in July.

Following ISC's public share offering, the Saskatchewan government was left owning 31 per cent of the company. It also has a veto on any move to take the head office out of Saskatchewan.

According to government spokesperson Kathy Young, the layoffs followed a restructuring of ISC's human resources department and are not a result of privatization.

ISC is an independent company and the government does not have management oversight, she said.

The privatization followed a heated debate between the Opposition NDP and the Saskatchewan Party government.

The NDP questioned why the government would want to sell a company that earned it regular profits in exchange for a one-time windfall. 

The government argued that under privatization, ISC would be a growing enterprise and taxpayers would benefit.

However, it did not promise there would be zero layoffs. About 300 people work at ISC.