Iron Will Family Day

Superhero camp was the theme for Iron Will Family Day, a fundraiser for the Saskatchewan Children's Hospital. (Dean Gutheil/CBC)

Hundreds of people took part in a fundraiser in Regina on Sunday called Iron Will Family Day.

The event was held to honour the memory of William Rattray, the 13-month-old boy who battled several health problems with plucky determination. After he died, in 2013, his family began raising money for the Saskatchewan Children's Hospital.

Their goal is to contribute $300,000 to the building and see a portion of the hospital named for Will.

Jason Rattray, the boy's father, said Sunday that his son's courage in the face of adversity was part of the inspiration for his nickname, Iron Will, and the superhero theme of their fundraising efforts.

"He smiled through it," Rattray said of Will's spirit in the face of serious medical interventions. "He was always positive and he was our little superhero. Because there's nothing stronger than someone who can remain positive even when they're going through something that Will went through."

Including Sunday's event, the family estimates they are about halfway along to their fundraising goal.

"He's with us. He's with us in memory," Rattray added. "We're doing this for him and I'm sure this is exactly what he'd want."

Iron Will family day

Iron Will Family Day at the Turvey Centre in Regina attracted an assortment of costumed characters. (Dean Gutheil/CBC)