With Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield now back on earth, a new generation inspired by his exploits is thinking about their own space voyages.

Among them is Regina's Evan Geissler, 18, who has entered a contest to undergo astronaut training in Orlando, Fla., possibly followed by a selection to fly 103 kilometres above the earth with the space tourism company SXC.

The Grade 12 student at Riffel High School has put posters up around the city asking people to vote for him. The top two voter-getters go on to the next round of the contest.

Hadfield landed in Kazakhstan last night after a stint as commander on the International Space Station (ISS) during which he amassed a huge following on social media.

Geissler says Hadfield has given many people insight into life in outer space and generated excitement about the topic.

"Everybody finds it interesting," Geissler said. "Whether it's just the stars or the galaxies, the space station. I think everybody's really into it."

Geissler, who plans to study engineering at the University of Saskatchewan this fall, said he's always dreamed of going into space, and has been interested in science since he was a young child.

"Growing up, Bill Nye the Science Guy doing all these weird things ... but then you see Chris Hadfield up in the ISS and you actually see him doing all these experiements and I find it very intriguing," he said.

Geissler still has a way to go before he blasts off however: he's currently 124th in the contest's popularity ranking.