A coroner's inquest of three men and three women began hearing witnesses Monday in an examination of the 2007 shooting death of Dwayne Charles Dustyhorn in Saskatoon.

Lawyers at the inquest said the jury could expect to hear from 17 people associated with the case, including members of the Saskatoon police department.

Dustyhorn, 38, was shot and killed by police on Dec. 22, 2007.

At the time, police said they were responding to a potential domestic dispute and encountered Dustyhorn in a rental suite around 3 a.m.

At the beginning of the inquest, jurors heard from one officer involved in the shooting that Dustyhorn had taped knives to both his hands and repeatedly lunged at the officers.

The inquest is expected to last five days.

While the jury cannot assign blame for the death, it may set out how Dustyhorn died and make recommendations on how to prevent similar deaths in the future.