A coroner's inquest will begin Monday looking into the death of a man who collapsed while in police custody more than three years ago, and then died in hospital. 

In July of 2010, David Gruno, 54, was arrested when RCMP officers were called to an assault in Herbert, Sask. located about 47 kilometres east Swift Current. 

At the scene police found a 41-year-old man so badly beaten he had to be airlifted to a Saskatoon hospital. 

Gruno was brought into the Swift Current RCMP detachment where he was to be questioned, but he collapsed in the interview room before police could hear his story. 

Police said officers performed first aid and called an ambulance. 

Gruno was airlifted to Regina's Pasqua Hospital where he died the next day.

By law, the Chief Coroner has to hold an inquest into the death of any person that dies while in custody, unless the coroner is satisfied that the person's death was caused by natural causes and was not preventable. 

Starting Monday a coroner will publicly comb through the details surrounding the death.

He will not only determine how Gruno died, but will make recommendations to try and prevent similar deaths in the future.

The inquest starts at 10 a.m. Monday in Swift Current and runs until the end of the week.