A superbike racer from Saskatoon has returned home to continue recovering from a broken neck and other injuries he sustained at a race in the Netherlands.

Brett McCormick, 20, crashed his motorcycle during a superbike world championship race in Assen, the Netherlands, on April 21.


Brett McCormick walks around in a Saskatoon hospital on Saturday, a week after he broke his neck at a superbike race in the Netherlands. (Devin Heroux/CBC)

McCormick suffered a broken C5 vertebra and other injuries, but he was not paralyzed.

After spending the past week in a Dutch hospital, McCormick is now in a Saskatoon hospital, where he is expected to make a full recovery.

"I'm extremely lucky to have all my movement and be looking at, you know, a two-month, three-month recovery and racing again, not 'What am I doing for the rest of my life in a wheelchair?'" McCormick told CBC News on Saturday.

The Assen race was only the second professional race of the season for McCormick, who won the 2011 Canadian Superbike championship.

Brett's father, Grant, who was at the Assen race, said he has seen his son crash before, but the latest crash was different.

"When we found out the extent of the injuries, yeah, it was close to being bed-ridden and changing his whole life," he said.

"So yeah, [we're] quite relieved and happy he's going to make a full recovery, for sure."

Despite his injuries, McCormick said he hopes to get back on his bike sooner rather than later.

He said he has his sights set on a race in Spain, just nine weeks away from the Assen incident.

Doctors have told McCormick it will take two to three months for him to recover.