An injured owl is recovering after a SaskTel employee noticed it acting strangely last week and quickly called the Salthaven wildlife rescue centre in Regina. 

The owl was seen trying to climb a tree with its feet instead of its wings on Tuesday, according to Salthaven West. 

By the time the rescue organization arrived, it found the owl had hopped up about 5 metres high into the tree. 

Rescuers saw that the wing was "not in a normal position," and send a volunteer up a ladder to get the owl. 

It was safely retrieved and brought to the Animal Clinic of Regina for an X-ray. 

There they discovered the bird had a head injury with bruising, as well as a wing fracture. 

salthaven owl 5

Vets at the clinic determined the owl had a fractured wing. Rescuers say there is a good prognosis for recovery. (Salthaven West/Facebook)

Megan Lawrence, director of operations at Salthaven West, said these injuries are pretty common this time of year as food becomes more scarce. 

"When they've got their eye on some prey, they end up flying in front of a car and get hit accidentally," Lawrence said. 

"Sometimes there`s nothing that people can do to avoid them." 

Despite the injury, the organization said the bird has a good prognosis for recovery due to quick action from the employee who first spotted it.