The University of Saskatchewan has provided details of the salary and benefits it gives to its top administrators, including new president Ilene Busch-Vishniac who makes $400,000 per year and lives in a university-maintained house on campus.

The university also published, online, Busch-Vishniac's employment contract.

She was officially installed as president of the Saskatoon school at the end of October.

The university also provided, in response to a request by CBC News, information on the salaries of the institution's four vice-presidents.


Infographic by Andre Mougeot/CBC

Benefits and allowances

In addition to their base salaries, the officials receive the following benefits:

  • Extended Health Care, Dental and Group Life Insurance ($253 month).
  • Pension plan (8.5% of salary contributed by employee, matched by university).
  • Expense account ($25,000 - Subject to guidelines for Accountable Professional Expense Fund).
  • A flexible spending account for health and wellness or tuition ($1,200 for the vice-presidents / $2,500 for  Busch-Vishniac).



Additional benefits for president

The university also provides Busch-Vishniac with a $12,000 per year allowance for a vehicle and her employment contract also includes, for medical reasons, a provision that if she needs to travel by car, at night, she may use a taxi or limousine service instead of driving herself.


Ilene Busch-Vishniac is the university's ninth president. (University of Saskatchewan)

She also receives an annual allowance of $7,500 to get financial and tax planning assistance and six weeks of paid vacation per year.

As well, Busch-Vishniac lives in a mansion on the grounds of the university.

The university said they do not have a market value for the building.

Busch-Vishniac lives in the house, rent-free, but the university says the taxable benefit for that arrangement, which includes a cleaning service, is $3,135.

The university also covers all the utility bills for the residence and the grounds are tended to as university property.

Her employment contract also guarantees her a position on the faculty at the university at the end of her stint as president. She will also receive a year off, with full pay, after her term as president.


The university maintains a house for the president on the grounds of the campus. (CBC)

CBC News requested the same information on salaries and benefits for senior officials with the University of Regina. The Regina-based school responded on Monday.