When the provincial Crown corporation SGI announced it was considering a steep increase to the insurance paid by motorbike riders, it generated more negative feedback than a Harley-Davidson roaring past a senior citizen's complex.

According to data released by the province's rate review panel, which considers and reports on proposed rate changes, 2,372 comments were submitted, almost all of them negative.

"You are punishing us all because of an irresponsible minority," was one comment quoted in the report.

The feedback was flowing at a rate of 500 comments per week immediately after SGI announced, on Feb. 15, that it wanted to boost motorcycle insurance rates an average of 73 per cent. The flow of comments dropped off, considerably, one month later when the government told SGI to rethink the rate hikes. The panel also received a petition, signed by 3,876 people opposed to the rate changes.

CBC News created the following infographic, based on examples of comments submitted to the rate review panel.


Ultimately, SGI submitted a new plan for rates and the review panel is recommending the province approve hikes for motorbike insurance that would be capped at 15 per cent.

The provincial cabinet has final say on insurance rates. A decision is expected sometime before the end of summer.


Infographic by Andre Mougeot/CBC